Just Gentle Holiday Bag - Marihorn Design

Dhs. 79.00
Type: Bag
SKU: JG0049

Marisa Horn found and gained considerable success from her brand “Mari-J”, 
a store retailing fashion apparel imported from Japan.

This achievement inspired her to build her own brand.
With a passion for fashion and art, from street wear to high street, she mixes and matches her own clothes and began creating her own style. She studied fashion on her own and discovered new styling trends from her travels to New York, Paris, London, Tokyo and the fashion week in Milan which influenced her view of fashion and lead to the beginning of her brand Marihorn.

With10 years of experience from the entertainment arena, Marisa Horn learned about women’s wear and their styles. Marisa believes that it’s not just stars and celebrities that want to look good, and that all girls want to be good-looking regardless of the time of day, be it from the moment she wakes up in the morning or casual clothes during a relaxing afternoon to the evening dress she wears to a party; all need to be attractive. Marisa is particular about the quality of the stitching and tailoring details. Her hopes are that her brand Marihorn will be another choice for the fashionable woman who cares about style and quality.