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Just Gentle's New Collection: Safe, Natural and Organic Personal Care and Cleaning Products for the Whole Family

Just Gentle provides brilliantly formulated products to address children and adults' everyday routines. With our deodorants, your children stay fresh and smell great, given the antibacterial properties of both kinds of deodorants. Our popular hand sanitizers are undoubtedly the best hand pumps and sprays. With 70% alcohol, it makes sure that any virus is killed while still having the soothing properties of aloe vera and apple aroma, leaving your hands smelling heavenly.

Moreover, our anti-bacterial hand washes not only kill 99% bacteria but also leave hands smelling really lovely with our two scents:

Fresh Peach and Rose Water. Our formula eliminates impurities and bacteria while leaving hands soft and hydrated with our organic chamomile and cucumber. Stay safe while feeling great!