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BlazeJet Flamin Red Kids Sunglasses

SKU PK121-5
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Protect your child's eyes from harmful UV rays with these BlazeJet Flamin Red Ultraviolet-Proof Kids' Sunglasses.

Crafted from food-grade PC material, these sunglasses feature fully flexible and unbreakable arms, ensuring safe and durable wear during outdoor play.

The HD TAC polarized lenses provide exceptional UV400 protection, effectively blocking harmful rays while delivering true colors and eliminating reflections and scattered light.

Designed for maximum comfort, these ultra-light sports-style sunglasses weigh just 17 grams, allowing your child to wear them comfortably throughout the day.

Suitable for boys and girls aged 3-10, these sunglasses combine cuteness and style, making them perfect for everyday wear and various outdoor sports and activities.

Key Features:

  • Frame Color: Red
  • Durable plastic frame
  • High-quality lenses for optimal clarity
  • Polarization for enhanced vision
  • Anti-UV coating for comprehensive protection
  • Comfortable fit for extended wear
  • Brand: XPI
  • Model: PK121-5

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