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Just Gentle Organic Hand Sanitizers

Our Just Gentle hand sanitizer Sprays are stylishly packaged and smell amazing. Our products contain 70% alcohol to make sure it kills bacterial, germs and viruses quickly, but also keeps your hands soft after every application thanks to aloe vera and apple scent infusion- leaving hand silky smooth.

Just Gentle Hand Sanitizer Collection

The secret in our product is our blend of aloe vera which keeps your hands remaining moist all the time. Our Sanitizer is also infused in apple scent that will mask any smell of alcohol. So keep your hands clean and hygienic without dryness. With a sweet aroma of fresh apple and aloe vera formulation that keeps your skin moist!

Our Hand Sanitizers are the talk of the town! We produce the 450ml for desk or kitchen use. But we've also produced the same product in pocket sized spray bottles.

This 450ml bottle comes with a pump top for easy use and dispenses enough liquid gel to cover the hands thoroughly. Added aloe vera conditioners make this hand sanitiser great for regular use and will not cause dry or cracked skin. Our 70% alcohol formulation ensures hands are not left greasy after use.

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