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Sun Screens - Just Gentle Middle East

Sun Screens

Protect your baby and kids from the sun's harmful rays with Just Gentle's collection of high-quality sunscreen products.

Our non-nano formula provides broad-spectrum protection and includes nourishing ingredients like aloe vera and organic oils. Choose from lotion, spray, or roll-on options.

Keep your Kids protected from the sun's harmful rays with our Sunscreen Spray, Lotion, Roll-On, collection! We offer two sunscreen products to suit every skin type and preference. Our sprays and lotions are perfect for moisturizing and protecting your skin, while our roll-on and spray options are convenient and easy to apply.

All of our sunscreen products are formulated with the highest-quality ingredients and provide broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays. Our products are a safe and healthy type of sunblock because the non-nano particles aren’t going to be absorbed by your loved one's skin and possibly go into your bloodstream. Regular nano particles do have the potential to enter the bloodstream.

Baby & Kids Sun Protection Cream

Keep your skin safe and healthy with our easy-to-use, water-resistant sunscreen! Our non-nano formula uses naturally sourced ingredients like titanium oxide and zinc oxide to provide high protection against both UVA and UVB rays (SPF 50 PA ++).

Our sunscreen glides on smoothly without spilling or squeezing, making it convenient and mess-free to apply. Furthermore, our formula includes nourishing organic aloe vera and shea butter to leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized. Protect your skin the natural way with our sunscreen!


Kids Sunscreen Clear Spray

Keep your active kids protected and nourished with our clear, non-sticky sunscreen spray! Our formula is specifically designed for active children and sprays on easily without leaving any white residue.

It provides high protection against UVA and UVB rays (SPF 50 PA +++) and is enriched with a blend of organic oils, including jojoba, olive, Inca inch, argan, coconut, and geranium. Water-resistant and free from harmful chemicals like oxybenzone, our sunscreen is safe for both your child's skin and the environment. Protect your child and the ocean with our "Ocean and Reef Safe" sunscreen!



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