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Our Story

Just Gentle was started by two loving moms

In 2013, the idea of Just Gentle blossomed when two good friends and moms decided to create a simple and thoughtful brand with safe and trustworthy products that their kids would love.  

Because choices for natural and organic products in the market were so limited at the time, the  two moms set out to create a line of essential products that they knew their babies needed. 

Through numerous trials and errors amongst themselves and all their close mom friends, their labor of love came to light and the first range  of 8 Just Gentle products were born.

Our Story - Just Gentle Organic 

“We are proud of our humble beginning, selling via baby fairs and small organic stores. We love listening to our customers feedback which helped us to improve and continually grow"

Alisa and Aim, co-founders of Just Gentle

Just Gentle co-founders Alisa and Aim On explain, “

We wanted to create a happy and enjoyable experience, with products that are useful and effective, fun for kids and smell great too! As moms, we put extra love and care into every detail, and our products are developed with natural organic ingredients. We never use harsh or allergy causing ingredients.” 

In 2015, the Just Gentle co-founders added additional  baby and kid necessities and introduced  a plant based cleaning line.  “Cleaning babies accessories, surroundings, clothings, bottles, dishes etc is as important as products that we use on our babies and kids.  We want to ensure that everything that surrounds our little ones were as safe and pure and non irritating to them as much as possible.” 

Just Gentle saw the importance of always staying in-tune to the changing needs of children as they become teens.  In 2017, a full range of kids hair styling was developed.  “As kids start school and are involved in more social events, moms love to style their kids hair but at the same time are worried about potential harmful chemicals in them. 

We wanted to introduce a range of hair styling products that were full of nourishing goodness, worked really well and had a yummy scent that kids would love too. And as our kids have grown, so has our product line.”  

Each stage of life brought new sets of challenges, and products to match. In 2019, Just Gentle was the first in the market to launch kids deodorant which became very popular and trusted among parents for their children.

“We are proud of our humble beginning, selling via baby fairs and small organic stores. We love listening to our customers feedback which helped us to improve and continually grow. 

 Alisa co founder of Just Gentle with her kids

Our brand grew organically through word of mouth and the trust parents have for our brand. Just Gentle now has expanded into top department stores, organic stores, leading supermarkets and well known on-line platforms.  We are delighted that our little brand has branched out from Bangkok Thailand and is now available throughout southeast Asia and the Middle East.”

Just Gentle continued to grow and evolve with the ever changing world and needs of families.   In 2020 they launched anti-bacterial products including hand sanitizers and anti-bac hand washes as well as a veggie wash in 2021. Just Gentle products remain caring and delightful to use, staying true to its original principles.  

Aim co founder of Just gentle with her kids

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